Your direct trading and shipping connexion with Haiti.
       As a wholesale trading and distributing firm, we are in the business of buying and selling goods. We are successful simply because we have developed a solid track record in consistently delivering the best quality product at a competitive price.
        Even though there is no end to what commodities we can and do trade, we choose to structure our growth: we are careful not to over diversify our line of products too quickly. This is why, presently, we concentrate our efforts and resources in getting our customers the best quality of scoth whisky, flour and wood at the best price.
     Our scotch whisky:

Dewars white label- Black label and Pinch NRF non-refillable 750ML packed in carton of 12 bottes per case.

Our flour:

Wheat flour first quality| le boulanger
Farine de froment quality extra 50kgs polypropylene bags
Specs: proteins 13%min
Moisture 14% max Ash:0,62%on dry matter wet gluten:30% min.
                     Our lumber: Southern Pine lumber
                       Pines SYP 2X4X16 # 2 KD  HT S4SEE| bois brut excellent quality.
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