Q. How many sizes of barrels do you carry?
A. We have three sizes of barrels: Jumbo 75 gallons, Large 55 gallons corrugated and plastic Large 55 gallons.
Q. How long does it take to ship?
A. The Shipping time averages ! depending on destination for Haiti the transit time is 4 days / weather permitted.

Q. Do you ship by sea or air?
A. We ship both by sea and air at customer requests

Q. How often do you ship to the Caribbean?
A. We ship weekly also on demand.

Q. Who pay local duties and tax at destination?
A. The recipient "client" is responsible for all local import tax and duties assessed at the destination | we also have our house broker in case you don't have one we can also taking care the customs clearance at a competive price. 

Q. What does a shipper need before shipping goods/cargo to Haiti
A. The client needs to give to the shipper: name of the consignee/receiver-full adress and telephone # of the receiver. 

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